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"We are very very small. But we are profoundly capable of very very big things."

                                                         -Steven Hawkin

Reel Life Productions was founded in 2013 by Neil Fairlie and Micaela Hamilton. A young, dynamic and passionate duo, with aspirations to make RL a prominent production house, on both small and big screens around the globe, determined to entertain, educate, and above all else, promote environmental conservation through film. 


We have filmed wildlife all over Africa,  in some of the most remote and breathtaking locations on earth. The company has also journeyed deep into people’s lives, homes and experiences, bringing the viewer sensitive and touching human stories. We pride ourselves in enriching and broadening our viewers’ perspectives through cinematic means.

Both Neil and Micaela are African born and have spent their lives involved in conservation and wildlife awareness. Driven from a young age to make a difference, both members of the team followed independent paths into the world of documentary film-making, taking journalism degrees, and film-making diplomas, internships and hard work, to finally meet and work together to create Reel Life Productions.

Micaela and Neil on a game capture operation in Zimbabwe
Micaela in her element, in Mana Pools National Park
Neil looking for lions in Mana Pools National Park


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Recent Works Include

Our Universe

The story of the universe over billions of years and its inextricable link to life on Earth narrated by Morgan Freeman on Netflix. Reel life Productions worked as DOP and Assistant Camera on Episode 1 - Chasing Starlight and filmed the Cheetah sequences. 


The Green Planet

In what could be described as 'Planet Earth from the perspective of plants', Sir David Attenborough travels the world to explore the extraordinary ways in which plants have learnt to survive and thrive in almost every environment. A BBC Production, Reel Life worked on the 'Deserts' Episode as DOP and Assistant Camera for the Baobab Sequence. 


This immersive Netflix series follows the world's most magnificent creatures, capturing never-before-seen footage from the heartwarming to the outrageous.Reel Life Productions worked on the 'Dogs' episode as DOP and Assistant Camera for the Bat Eared Fox Sequence.

Akashinga - The Brave Ones

An award winning National Geographic film about an all female anti-poaching conservation army fighting

and winning the war on poaching in Zimbabwe.

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