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Fixing and Filming Services

Reel Life Productions understands the importance for a production to run smoothly in Zimbabwe. International crews need look no further in finding camera ops, locations, equipment, permits & clearance, accommodation and vehicles. With a wealth of knowledge and great relationships in country, Reel Life can make the filming process an easy and always pleasant experience. 

What we do: 

  1. Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Application

  2. Zimbabwe Media Commission Accreditation

  3. Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Temporary Import Permit Guarantees

  4. Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Equipment Clearance and Licensing

  5. Clearance and use of Drones

  6. Obtaining National Parks Film Permits

  7. Local Equipment Hire

  8. Sourcing camera op's, DOP's and Field Producers in country

  9. Local Ground Support


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